It's likely that you're familiar with the fascinating word game quordle, which is the inspiration for the appealing word guessing game absurde. It has been said that Absurdle is the "opposite counterpart of Wordle." In Absurd, there is no limit to the amount of guesswork you can do. On the other hand, the guidelines are exactly the same as in Wordle.
In the game Absurdle, you will be given a target word, and your goal is to make that word coincide with the hidden one. You have to make an educated guess while the game itself reveals which letters we have been entering correctly.
When the word is typed in and the Enter key is pressed, the letters of the proposed word change color to either green, yellow, or gray. Enjoy the game of discovery and create some brand new records. I hope you are able to enjoy some wonderful moments of relaxation here.

How to play

  1. Hard Mode: The player was required to use all the letters in the guesses that received a positive response in the subsequent guesses.
  2. Challenger Mode: In Challenger mode, you are given a target word that you have to force the system to accept as the solution word.
  3. Timer mode: You only have 60 seconds to complete a challenge, aka Game Over.
  4. Extended mode: Wordlist includes more than 2000 solution lists. Carefully selected word list expanded to incorporate "confusing" words

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