This is a word guessing game similar to the enchanting Quordle game you've played but with Flagle you won't have to find words based on the flags. The goal of the game is to successfully identify the flag of a hidden country, With hints I think you will need to focus to overcome all these amazing challenges. However, the number of times you can try to win is limited.

You only have a total of 6 chances. After each guess, you will be given information about the distance, direction and distance between the country you guessed and the target country. If the distance between you and the target country is shorter, you are closer to that country. Wish you have a moment of fun and entertainment with this game.

How to play

Guess the hidden flag in six tries.
Each guess must be a valid country, territory, ...
After each guess, you will have the distance, the direction and the proximity from your guess and the target country.

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