Quordle Daily Sequence

A difficult Quordle game variant with a distinct twist on the rules is called Quordle Daily Sequence. There is only one unresolved word visible at a time, and players must guess four puzzles in ten guesses or less.

How to Play Daily Sequence in Quordle

An intense addition to the original Quordle game is this one.

There are four 5x10 grids used to display the game. Within ten guesses, players must identify four unique five-letter words.

You will receive colored indications when you submit a guess, indicating whether or not the letters are part of the target word. This game's gimmick is that you can only receive color hints for the first grid at the beginning when you guess. You can view the suggestions and unlock the next board after you solve a word. That procedure is followed up until the final board!

Instead of nine guesses, you have a total of ten.

This is what each hue means:

Green: The letter is correctly positioned and in the target term.

Yellow: A letter that is in the target word but is positioned incorrectly.

Gray: The target term does not contain the letter.

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