Squaredle this is a completely new game with an attractive gameplay inspired by Quordle, in this version you will have a very interesting way of guessing the crossword with the given letters you will be able to move them according to their position. the most correct and fastest.
Play and feel the fun of Squaredle that will help you greatly reduce stress after working hours at the office.

You have 10 attempts, and must guess a square of 5 words with 5 letters. Make the most of your skills and understanding I believe this crossword is just a simple task and you can complete it very quickly.
Pay attention to the color of each square that will change after each try: - Green if the letter is in the right position
- Yellow if you have guessed the letter but it is somewhere.
- Gray if the letter is not in the solution
A little logical analogy is that you can solve crosswords quickly, what are you waiting for, go with your friends to solve the most difficult crosswords possible and record yourself records in this intellectual game. At quordle com you can find many games like this, waiting for you to explore and conquer.


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