Wordle is a simple game with lines of words like word games. You have 6 lines of words to guess the correct word for today. If you enter a word and see a word turn green, it is the correct word. If there is a word that turns yellow, it is also a word in the word to be guessed but in the wrong position. After each guess, the color of the crossword will gradually change to let you know how close you are to the word.


This game is similar to the game of eliminating numbers from the available numbers to find the final answer. The only difference is that you have to remove the letters in the constraint of words that have only five letters.


How to play Wordle

You can enter a total of 6 words, which means the first 5 words you can use to figure out letter hints and their placement. You will then have one last chance to guess the last word with all green squares. Or you can try your luck and guess the correct word of the day in 2 or 3, or even on the first try.


The colorful blocks are a map of the player's predictions and a "reference" to the number of attempts to solve the game. The remaining number is up to a hundred, corresponding to the Wordle puzzles that have been solved.


Tips for playing Wordle

If you've played through puns, you might want to avoid the following tips and rely entirely on your instincts. If you don't want to see a lot of gray tiles when you play Wordle, here are some tips that might help.


Decide on your first word: The first word is, without a doubt, the most crucial. To broaden the range, choose words with three vowels and all five different letters.


Avoid repeating gray cells in the text panel at the bottom of the Wordle panel. You should avoid reusing grayed-out letters. When your next row should be a five-letter word that does not contain any of the letters you tried earlier, this is obvious.


Letters can appear twice: This complicates your problem, especially when you're running out of letters to try from row 4 or 5.


Special features of Wordle

Only one puzzle per day: This keeps things interesting. You only get one play at Wordle. If you are wrong, you have to wait until tomorrow to get a new puzzle.


All results that have been shared directly on Wordle will be hidden: When you have correctly guessed the word or have not correctly guessed the word, you will be asked to share your day's results. All words will be hidden in shared images, leaving only green and yellow boxes.


Everyone will receive the same response: For everyone to solve the same answer, sharing the results but not showing the answers is ideal. If you see someone give away the answer, though, the puzzle will lose all of its appeals.


If you get your answer by luck in the first row or guess in 2 turns, you get 3. You can share it with your friends and your followers will see how smart you are.

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